Body Instrument Practise @Europa Cantat 2018

Body Instrument Practise is a collection of contemplative exercises, developed by me, where the singer builds musical and rhythmical awareness from the inside out, through visualisation of notes, musical phrases, rhythms and physical movements. The goal is to build a solid self-confidence based on body awareness, stable intonation and a physical sense of rhythm.

The first four videos below provide an introduction.

Participants in the "Body Instrument Practise" Discovery Atelier at Europa Cantat 2018 in Tallinn are recommended to check out these four videos (and do the exercises) in advance.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


/Peder Karlsson

1 - "Play-listen-imagine-prepare-sing"

Play a note on a keyboard (or other musical instrument). Listen to the note. Imagine that you hear the same note in your inner hearing. Prepare physically. Then sing the same note, with a vowel sound that you choose.

Example video:

2 - "Silence-note-vowel-imagine-prepare-sing"

Follow the instructions in this video:

3 - Sense of gravity

Follow the instructions in this video:

Purpose with this exercise: to sing with good intonation. This is the result of a chain of activities. It is not a talent that you either have or don't have.

The main purpose with this exercise is to practise each step of the chain of activities.

4 - Physical preparation on upbeat

Follow the instructions in this video:

Extra material

5 - Real time cloning

In this inspirational exercise, you pay close attention to the articulation, sounds and dynamics of another singer (the "guide singer"), and copy and clone her or his expression in real time. In the example videos below, the two people take turns being the guide singer. You can pick any phrase or rhythms that both singers are familiar with.

I am not sure yet whether it is possible to do this particular exercise in the Tallinn workshop - that depends on the weather and other circumstances.

In the first example, the person to the right is the guide singer (Merete Gry Rode Jacobsen); Marianne Tovsrud Knutsen copies her expression, such as sound, dynamics and vibrato.

In the second example, it is the person to the left who is the guide singer (Senjka "RoxorLoops" Danhieux"); Rohan Poldervaart copies his rhythmic expressions.

These short clips were taken during a class session in May 2018 at Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg, Denmark.


What are "Body Instrument Practise" exercises for?

In my experience, you need to do the exercises to understand what this practise can do for you.

Body Instrument Practise combine mindfulness practise with body awareness and inner sense of pitch. So far, I have put together video tutorials of more than twenty different exercises, that may be practised for several different reasons.

The purpose of doing the exercises may be different for different people, for example:

  • to start the day with an inner focus, in order to reduce stress
  • to establish or reinforce self-esteem about intonation
  • to establish or reinforce self-esteem about rhythm
  • to re-connect mind and body
  • to have fun together with another singer
  • to prepare yourself for vocal group or choir practise
  • to develop an intuitive understanding of basic musical factors
  • to visualize musical scores
  • to get an intuitive understanding of scales, harmonies and musical theory
How can I get access to the rest of the "Body Instrument Practise" exercises?

After my Discovery Atelier at Europa Cantat 2018, the atelier participants will have an opportunity to get a user profile at The Real Group Academy, in order to access all the Body Instrument Practise videos for free during a month after the workshop.

Anyone else will need to wait until my book "Anything Can Happen" is published online.