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About "Play It By Voice" – at publish date

– rhythm, harmony and inspiration in a cappella music

By Peder Karlsson

Play It By Voice is a multimedia book that you read online; on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The contents include  a combination of audio, video and text tutorials, score examples, exercises, methodology and warm-up songs. 

Shared experiences

The contents of this book is the result of shared moments with other singers, vocal groups, choirs, conductors, arrangers, composers, and our audiences; countless experiences of music-making during more than three decades.

Greenhouse version

For The Real Group Academy, I am developing an online “greenhouse” version. This is an invitation to you to follow the creation of the book as the chapters are put into the greenhouse – an online room – one chapter at a time, or a few chapters at a time.

If you prefer, you can provide input in a discussion forum and share with others your response to doing the exercises, how you feel about the audio and video tutorials, how you like to sing the warm-up songs, and so forth.

One book today – or nine books tomorrow?

Each of the chapters could potentially grow into a separate book. So, in a sense, Play It By Voice could be a miniature version of future potential nine books.

In my experience of learning processes based on this material, however, you may get an overview of the whole idea just by doing one or two exercises. So I think it’s also possible that one book may be sufficient. Perhaps you will be part of writing the other eight books! I’m looking forward to discussing this and other topics with you – in our greenhouse.

Free chapter

The first chapter – Start – contains a miniature version of the whole book and is now available for free in our Shop.

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