REIGN – The Real Group Academy
Festival artist



Formed by vocalist and composer Anna Lindahl during her time at The Royal College of Music, REIGN has entered Stockholms club venues and built a well earned reputation of being an outstanding live act. REIGN is an innovative, fresh pop explosion – unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

”Despite Reign describing their music as pop, these sisters don’t draw lazy comparisons to the Spice Girls. Reign is refreshingly different and their angelic harmonies and soulful/R&B tones set them worlds apart”
– Andy Collins, Scandinavian Soul

While singing beautiful, advanced and dynamic six part arrangements of both well known pop tunes as well as their own originals the band also play powerful drums, synths and percussion — No wonder they tend to knock the socks off their audience.


​Anna Lindahl – voice & percussion
Hanna Bylund – voice & percussion
Lili Holényi – voice & percussion
Cosima Lamberth – voice, synth bass & percussion
My Schaffer – voice & percussion
Helen Salim – voice & percussion

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