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Meet Riltons Vänner (Friends of Rilton), award-winning vocal group from Sweden who have performed at almost 1000 concerts in many parts of the world. With their own unique crossover between pop and Swedish melancholy, Riltons Vänner has over the years become one of Sweden’s most acclaimed vocal groups.

”Orkar, Orkar inte” is Riltons Vänner’s 6th full-length album, which also marks the group’s 20th anniversary. For five years the group paused, but found their way back to each other with new strength, inspiration and playfulness. The album was nominated in five categories for CARA awards 2020, (acappella equivalent to Grammy): Best Pop Album, Best European Album, Best Pop Song, Best Folk/World Song & Best Original Song.


Johanna Löf-Cervin
Daniel Greayer
Mia Greayer
Linnéa Rilton
Sebastian Rilton

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