Feedback on an arrangement (vocal group or choir)

For arrangers Level: Intermediate / Advanced Language: English or Swedish Teacher: Anders Edenroth Price: 375€

Develop your own arranging style through interaction

The purpose of these sessions is to provide arrangers with concrete tips and inspiration, to develop your ideas into an arrangement adapted specifically to your vocal group or choir.

How does it work?

First you send a score to Anders Edenroth, who goes through your arrangement and prepares for your upcoming session on Zoom.

Then you have a session on Zoom with Anders where you get one hour of online feedback.

After the session, you make adjustments, at your own pace, and then you have another session with Anders where you get feedback on your adjustments.

Book an appointment

Fill out the Contact form with your date suggestions, and then Anders Edenroth will get back to you.

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