Leadership for co-creation

For ensemble leaders
Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Language: English
Teachers: Peder Karlsson, Sandra Feketija & Merel Martens
Price: 200€.
First session only: 25€ (free for festival participants)

What is your unique expression?

The first webinar session on June 7th is free for The Real Group Festival participants.

Webinar session dates (CET): June 7 (3 – 4:30pm), June 9 (2 – 3:30pm), June 13 (2:30 – 4pm), June 15 (2:30 – 4pm)

The purpose of this short course is to get new perspectives on how to inspire rotated initiative, and support for creative initiative, in vocal groups and choirs. This work begins with the unique expression of each of the singers. How to facilitate musical processes where you build, step by step, a unique sound and musical identity for your group. What does “leadership” mean in such a scenario?


The first webinar on June 7th gives an overview of the course, is free for The Real Group Festival pass holders, and feature guest leaders: Sandra Feketija and Merel Martens. If you want to participate in this session only, but do not have a festival pass, then you can purchase access to the first session only.


The whole course includes:

  • 4 webinar sessions, total 6 hours (on Zoom)
  • Access to online classroom with various resources, including these videos:
    – Introduction to leadership for co-creation
    – Introduction to singers’ practise
    – Leadership culture

In the webinar sessions, various topics will be presented, mixed with concrete exercises and discussions. The materials presented will serve as a basis for discussions about real-life examples from the participants’ work with choirs and vocal groups.

For questions about this course, please send a message through our Contact Form

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