On Track

For ensemble leaders and hobby producers
Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Language: English, Danish or Swedish
Teachers: Josef Sjöblom and Morten Vinther
Price: contact us to get an offer

Josef Sjöblom
Morten Vinther

Improve Your Production Skills (2-hour session)

  • a 5-step guide to help you create better music and videos at home.

The participants will be guided through the different stages in audio and video production – from idea to finished product.Both Josef and Morten have worked with audio and image in professional contexts and will present a structure that will help you to stay on track in your own productions.

The structure has been developed working with vocal music but can be used in pretty much any music/image-related production. During the session we will touch on a lot of basics and keep our eyes the overall process rather than specific details.

However, it’s possible to ask questions during the session, so if you are stuck or deal with specific problems, we will try to help you.