Online rehearsal inspiration

Short course for choir leaders 4 sessions, 7 hours in total Max 12 participants for the whole course Level: Intermediate / Advanced Language: English Video conference system: Zoom Teachers: Merel Martens and Peder Karlsson

Online classroom demo video

Why have rehearsals online when we cannot sing together?

The purpose of this course is to provide vocal ensemble singers and choir leaders with concrete tips and inspiration, to maintain continuity for your group or choir during times of physical distancing.

What can we do that becomes possible when we meet online?

The acoustic separation of people in a video conference session provides interesting learning opportunities – let’s explore this together.

Online classroom

You get access to learning materials, Questions & Answers forum and more in an online classroom.

Course content examples

  • Icebreakers and simple warmup games for physical activation
  • Various exercises and games for rhythm and intonation
  • Call-and-response games
  • Simple improvisations with basic Vocal Painting signs
  • Leadership guidelines
  • Basic rehearsal methods
  • How to maintain the flow of the rehearsal
  • Interpretation; interactive exercises
  • Tips and tricks for how to use Sibelius (or other scoring software)