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Global Vocal Happening

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Global Vocal Happening is an initiative to connect East with West and South with North – a 24 hour online event focusing on vocal music from all around the globe.

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Hosted by Chromas Choir and Istanbul Vokal Akademi, with The Real Group Academy as an event partner, the online activities begin in the East, and then continue through the different time zones. Every time zone group will have one online host plus choirs and a cappella groups on location who share a slot of 2 hours, to connect the various places with each other.

The choirs and vocal groups from each time zone are invited to choose their activities in the event from these options:

– Mini concert
– Panel discussion
– Q&A
– Workshop

Feel free to spread the word and participate via Youtube – and to donate a sum of your choice (5, 10 or 30 €) to support this initiative!

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