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Rehearse is an online e-book, and one of the chapters of the whole e-book project Play It By Voice, by Peder Karlsson.

Rehearse contains exercise tutorials for the group practise and “mini webinar” videos that give an introduction to Play It By Voice methodology.

Each of the Play It By Voice chapters are sold separately.

Rehearse price levels: €10, €20 or €40 .

Until April 24th, 2023, there is an Early Bird 50% discount for this chapter: €5, €10 or €20.

€10: “Student”. This includes:

  • the Rehearse e-book
  • one 75-minute online class, where Peder Karlsson presents the e-book exercises and answers questions

€20: “Give me more”. This includes the same as Student level. Choose this if you want to and have the means to support the work, and are eager to get more material into the e-book.

€40: “Developer”. This includes the same as “Student” and “Give me more” + two webinars where we discuss in-depth how this material could be developed into your work.

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Developer – 20 €, Give me more – 10 €, Student – 5€

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