Report from workshop “From school to profession” – The Real Group Academy

Report from workshop "From school to profession"

24 July 2020

From 10 till 14 July 2020, an international training event for music schools learners took place in Tartu, Estonia in the frame of Erasmus+ OpenYourMusic project (No 2019-1-LV01-KA202-060449).

Students from 14 till 24 years old from Latvia, Estonia and Sweden took part in percussion workshops, workshops in music management and psychological workshop.

The aim of all the workshops is to improve young musicians’ professional level in music, to give them skills in musical management and ways of career development, as well as practical knowledge how young musicians can overcome stress and uncertainty in today unstable world and economics. Participation in such activities gives them extra social and intercultural competences, all participants received certificates.

On the basis of the training and some further project activities methodological materials will be created in the project (innovative learning programme in music management and new methodological material in non-formal learning). The partnership is now planning further international events in the upcoming months.

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