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Report from workshop week in Stockholm

implementation of Erasmus+ project for young musicians is going on in 2021

26 March 2021

From 22nd till 26th of March international training event for music schools learners from Latvia, Estonia and Sweden took place online from Stockholm in the frame of Erasmus+ OpenYourMusic project (No 2019-1-LV01-KA202-060449).

3-year project foresees to improve professional capacity of 250 young musicians, the project was started in September 2019. 8 training events in total planned in the project, and this is the 4th event organized by partners despite of pandemic restrictions.

In March 2021 14 -24 years old students took part in vocal, improvisation and music management workshop “From School to Profession – 2”.  The aim of such training event is to improve young musicians’ professional level, as well as to give them social skills in international communication. 51 young musicians from music schools and colleges participated in the event. They said:

“This is amazing opportunity to build my career in future!”

“After the workshop I see a new way how I can realise my potential!”

“I finally understand fully what it means to be in a state of flow – it is the ability to improvise!”

Labour market of musicians has been greatly affected by pandemic, and young generation of professionals should have very strong motivation for professional growth and desire to connect their future with music.

Based on the results of this workshop and other training activities experts are developing methodological materials and learning programme for young musicians and teachers. For strengthening positions of musicians in the global labour market IT portal has been developed by group of experts, and it will start to operate this year.

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