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Latvian Voices create

Friday, 10-12:30

Creativity has been the main tool in a cappella “problem”-solving in Latvian Voices. When the group was founded, we knew that we wanted to sing a cappella, but we didn’t have any repertoire. So we decided to solve the problem by making our own music. However, after 13 years and approximately 300 a cappella songs, we’ve observed some tendencies.

  • Four cornerstones of composition/arrangement: Idea; Shape; Interpretation; Reality check
  • How does the repertoire change when the members of the group change?

We’ll be happy to try out some exercises with all the workshop participants, which of course, will include singing. We will touch on:

  1. how to work on your “input”
  2. collaboration “ping-pong” in songwriting
  3. excerpts of “extremes” in Latvian Voices repertoire
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