Resonance – The Real Group Academy
Festival inspiration


Friday, 13-14:30
Saturday, 10:30-12

The contents of this workshop are the same on Friday and Saturday.

– What is the essence of the communication within the choir, and between the choir and the audience?

This workshop invites you to investigate if physical and sonic energy can be produced and if so, what it does to us.
Our experience is that when the singing resonates with the body and the physical frame you are in, it increases the impact of the activity. This may seem obvious but after decades of ensemble singing it’s clear, that these aspects can not be underestimated.

Through physical and vocal exercises we would like to share our thoughts on how to practice this, as well as inspire you to be courageous and explore the field on your own.

The workshop draws its inspiration from performance art (Marina Abramovic), the improv.ensemble “Songs of the Moment” and 35 years of singing with The Real Group.

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