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Friday, 13-14:30
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Ten things I’ve learned as a film maker in the a cappella world

Whether you want to make a music video, document a live concert or make your group stand out in social media: avoid these common mistakes and focus on the fun part – the creative process. Josef Sjöblom will be sharing strategies, experiences and concrete tips from his years behind the camera recording singers.

From a background as a choir singer with a Teacher/Choir Conductor Degree from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Josef has an adequate insight and understanding of the limitations and possibilities of recording vocalists. He stands with one leg in the a cappella world and one as a content creator, specialized in making vocal music videos and helping groups to cut through the social media noise.

Josef has collaborated with groups such as The Real Group, VoNo Vocals, Adolf Fredrik’s Music School, the Church of Sweden and others.


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